On Metal Chaos Ensemble: "... ​using unique strategies to yield densely active and eerily surreal music, an incredible excursion through experimental improvisation."   - Squidco website staff

Evil Clown 

On Leap of Faith: "Alien yet familiar, bizarre yet completely fascinating. Expanding, contracting, erupting, settling down, always as one force..." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG


Photos by Raffi

Zack Grass is a low brass musician and teacher currently living in the Boston area. A native of Waynesboro, PA, Zack started his tuba career working at Hershey Park in the Chocolate Covered Band. In this setting, Zack and his fellow band-mates performed pop arrangements and standard jazz charts for visitors and special events in and around the Hershey, PA area. His love for improvisational music and composition/arranging stemmed from this experience.

Currently, Zack is pursuing his Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) at Boston University studying tuba performance and freelancing in New England. Zack was the former teaching assistant for the BU athletic bands and is currently an arranger/composer for the groups. Other groups that Zack has performed with include the Hot Tamales Brass Band, Symphony New Hampshire, Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, PRISMA Music Festival in Canada, the Eastern Music Festival, the Butler Symphony Orchestra, and the New England Brass Quintet.

Zack’s primary instructors have been Mr. Bernie Pitkin, Dr. Zach Collins (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Mr. Tom McCaslin (East Carolina University), and Mr. Mike Roylance (Boston University).  


Zack Grass Bio

Zack Grass appears on the following Evil Clown Titles:

Leap of  Faith